Takagi Japanese Wood Carving Tool U Gouge Chisel 4.5mm for Woodworking

This quality, heat treated professional Japanese wood carving tool will ensure quality results, excellent for most general types of carving.

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This 4.5mm U Gouge wood carving tool from Takagi is great for mid size applications. The blade is great for carving channels and grooves towards the ends of your wood carvings, striking a balance between removing wood at a moderate pace while ensuring a level of intricacy that brings out the detail you want to see in your woodwork.

This Japanese tool has a substantially sized pine wood handle, allowing the user to manipulate it with one hand to make intricate carvings or position it in place before using the other hand to apply more force as needed.

The blade of this tool is made with high carbon steel with a tang that sits deeply within the handle, ensuring it will not come loose, giving this tool a long life.

Made in Japan.

Grid in the background of the photo is in square millimeters.

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