Yoitarikikougyou Full Sized Japanese Wood Carving Flat Carpenter's Chisel 18mm

This handy carpenter's chisel is razor sharp, ready to use and fitted with a hand-forged, hooped wood handle.

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This high quality, yet affordable, carpenter's chisel is hand made in Japan from high carbon steel laminated onto a softer steel for greater strength and durability, ensuring a tool that will last a lifetime at a great price. Tempered and crafted by hand to ensure maximum quality and cutting ability, this excellent tool is guaranteed to be sharp and ready to use straight out the packaging.

The shank and bolster are formed from a single piece of steel ensuring durability, this tool comes with a hard wood handle that has a metal hoop at the end for maximum control and to help protect your hand from mallet blows (please note, there may be some play in the hoop).

Approximate dimensions:

  • Blade width: 18mm
  • Overall length: 21cm
  • Handle length (excluding hoop): 8.5cm
  • Handle width: 2cm
  • Hoop width: 2.5cm

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