Electric Wood Carving Automach Power Carver Blade 15mm Special Flat Chisel

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Take a look at this special accessory blade. This superb chisel is designed specifically for the Automach power carving machine. Simply use a wrench to attach the blade to your tool and you are ready for an amazing carving experience.

This grand chisel is wide, making it an excellent choice for smoothing flat surfaces or evening out rough areas. The steel blade is strong, but sharp, making it incredibly durable and able to withstand the high power of the Automach carver. Let this premium accessory join your Automach collection.

Please be aware that these accessory blades are only guaranteed to be compatible with the Automach Power Carver Electric Wood Carving Machines. Not guaranteed to work with other electric woodcarving tools. Made with the utmost quality in Japan.

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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