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Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft Creaser Tool Medium 60mm Leatherwork Steel Roller

Glue or crease your leather with precision and ease, using this high quality and wide FLINT leathercraft roller from Craft Sha

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Need to crease of glue wide swathes of leather? This medium size leathercraft roller measures 60mm across, ensures a smooth, constant pressure will be exerted on for almost any task. Use it to crease leather firmly, or ensure adhesion with glued surfaces.

This quality leathercraft tool is made from a polished stainless steel, free from imperfections that ensures your leather will be free from imprints and damage, while its handle is made from a quality dark wood that is also polished, ensuring your hand will be free from splinters and uncomfortable abrasion.

To use this Craft Sha FLINT Leathercraft Tool Leather Creaser Roller Medium 60mm, simply crease your tanned leather as desired, or if gluing is required apply your glue until the correct level of tackiness is achieved, before rolling the roller with firm force evenly across your leather until sufficient adhesion and / or creasing has occurred. Best when used with vegetable tanned leather.

This exceptionally high quality leathercraft tool has been commissioned by Craft Sha of Japan under their FLINT brand. Only quality tools, made by master artisans are qualified to bear the FLINT name. Each FLINT product is carefully designed, made from the finest quality materials, and subjected to rigorous quality controls before being allowed to market. Know you are investing in a tool that will last many years when it bears the FLINT brand.

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