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Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft Creaser Tool Small 25mm Leatherworking Steel Roller

Ensure high quality leathercraft creasing and adhesion with Craft Sha's FLINT roller, excellent for ensure the best results.

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Ensure you leather is glued or creased with precision using this compact, heavy, quality leathercraft roller. Don't risk your leather coming loose due to inadequate pressure exerted on it while gluing, when you can ensure uniform results with this roller.

The polished solid stainless steel roller measures 25mm across the width of the roller and is guaranteed to be smooth, ensuring it is easy to clean and free from imperfections that might damage your leathercraft. The handle is a smooth, highly polished dark wood that will ensure a splinter and blister free experience with its luxurious feel.

To use this Craft Sha FLINT Leathercraft Tool Roller Small to Crease & Glue Leather, simply fold your leather (with adhesive applied if you wish to glue it, or without if you simply wish to crease your leather) before evenly and firmly rolling this tool over your leather. Designed with vegetable tanned leather in mind.

This quality roller bears the FLINT name. All flint tools have been specially commissioned by Craft Sha of Japan to be of the finest quality and workmanship. Designed in the classic and time honoured manner to ensure familiarity and continuity with the best leathercraft tools, FLINT products are a mark of quality and workmanship that is second to none, and backed up by Craft Sha, a name synonymous with high quality products since 1959.



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