Craft Sha Leathercraft Fenice 02 White Coating 25ml Water Based Professional Edge Paint Sealant, to Decorate & Finish Leather Edges | Goods Japan

Craft Sha Leathercraft Fenice 02 White Coating 25ml Water Based Professional Edge Paint Sealant, to Decorate & Finish Leather Edges

Fenice professional edge paint, which has been very popular since its release, is available in 20 colors you can choose from (each sold separately).

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This high-quality Fenice leather edge paint adds a nice finish to the edges of your purses, belts, and leather products in general, giving them an incredibly smooth and sealed appearance. This edge paint has great adherence and flexibility, so it will not easily crack when applied to your leather. Fenice, a company that develops various chemical compounds related to leather, manufactures this leather edge paint, which is well-known for being utilized in high-end leather items and is available in 20 distinct colors (each sold separately).

Because it dries with rubber-like flexibility, Fenice edge paint is resistant to bending and may be used not only on vegetable-tanned leather but also on chrome-tanned leather and combination tanned leather. You can dilute it with water and either use it as it is or mix it with other Fenice edge paint to make your favorite color. Apply Fenice clear neutral first as a base, followed by this edge paint for a smoother edge. Aside from the main lid, this leather edge paint's container has a secondary inner lid to keep the paint from drying out.


  • 25ml

Color Variation (each sold separately):

  • 01 Neutral
  • 02 White
  • 03 Beige
  • 04 Yellow
  • 05 Red
  • 06 Bordeaux Red
  • 07 Green
  • 08 Light Brown
  • 09 Medium Brown
  • 10 Dark Brown
  • 11 Black
  • 12 Blue Navy
  • 13 Light Yellow
  • 14 Orange
  • 15 Pink
  • 16 Light Purple
  • 17 Medium Green
  • 18 Light Green
  • 19 Medium Blue
  • 20 Light Blue

To use, simply smooth down the edges of your leather using sandpaper or any equivalent tool before applying Fenice leather edge paint. Use a leather edge paint roller or any comparable applicator to apply Fenice neutral as a foundation. Once the Fenice neutral has dried sufficiently, apply the edge paint. When applying additional coats, allow adequate drying time between applications.

This listing is for the Fenice White 25ml Professional Leather Edge Paint only. Photos showing other materials and products are for illustrative purposes only.

If the mixture is not sufficiently agitated, the desired finish may not be obtained, as the pigment will collect on the bottom of the container, so stir well before using.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Please note, this product is not suitable for leather repair, or to otherwise improve the cosmetic appearance of damaged leather.

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