Seiwa Leathercraft Sewing Roulette Leather Stitching Wheel + 4 Overstitch Spacer

Get four wheels with this quality overstitcher, not the standard three you find with cheaper models, ensuring a fuller range of stitching options. Made in Japan

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You're looking at a brand new Japanese made, straight type stitching roulette from Seiwa. An excellent way to ensure even stitching.

Unlike other overstitch wheels, this one comes with a total of four stitching wheels where the points are 3mm (0.12, or 8 holes per inch), 4mm (0.16, or 6 holes per inch), 5mm (0.20, or 5 holes per inch) and 6mm (0.24, or 4 holes per inch) apart. Unlike most other kits, this one comes four stitching wheels, not three.

This tool has a chequered grip extending down the handle, for the ultimate in control. This tool will last years! This high quality tool is an excellent addition to your leather workshop.

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