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Seiwa Premium Leathercraft Vice for Stitching Leather Lacing Pony Sewing Horse

This very high quality full size lacing pony is excellent for your leathercrafting needs, clamps under the stiffness of the wooden arms so there's no need for an annoying tightening screw, perfect for sewing or lacing. Get this quality stitching horse today!

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This Japanese made stitching horse is one of the finest quality available. It has been professionally sanded and built to a much higher standard than other similar stitching horses or lacing ponies of its kind and is made of the highest quality hard wood, not inexpensive softer woods.

The throat of this vice is nearly a foot deep, ensuring that it's able to accommodate the largest of leather projects. The vice itself swivels 360 degrees and can be tightened in any direction with the wing nut. Unlike much larger stitching horses with an integral seat, this one you can use it anywhere including on your favourite chair.

To open, simply insert the large wooden key and twist, No more constantly adjusting a screw or tightening the clamps, the natural tension of the wood will gently, yet firmly, hold your leatherwork in place. It may be priced higher than the rest, but this lacing pony will last a lifetime and, treated well, will retain its resale value for years to come.

It measures 37cm in height, 9.5cm width and is 43cm long, the throat is just under 30cm deep. Comes with leather patches to apply to the jaws of the vice if desired for softer gripping of your leather.

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Manufacturer Seiwa
Manufacturing country Japan
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