Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Shaped Leather Hole Punch Medium Gull No.8, 9mm x 6mm | Goods Japan

Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Tool Custom Shaped Leather Hole Punch No.8 Medium Gull 9mm x 6mm, to Add Decorative Holes in Leatherwork

This gull shaped hole punch is excellent for making intricate leather hole patterns in your leatherwork. Best when used on cased (damp) leather. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

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You're looking at a brand new shaped hole punch, medium size. This hole punch is excellent for all sorts of decorative patterns. This gull shaped hole punch is excellent for making intricate leather hole patterns in your leatherwork. Use it for a single piece of leather or decorate the top layer of your multi-layer leatherwork. Great for pocket corners!

Made of high quality steel, this hand made hole punch has been gently annealed to prevent it from becoming brittle.

Simply place the cutting edge of your shaped hole punch on the leather you wish to punch and gently tap the top with a soft head hammer until you have punched your hole. To extract the hole punch from your leather carefully pull vertically, never rock or twist your shaped hole punch free or the delicate edges may snap. Should you anticipate difficulty in removing your hole punch, make sure to wax the cutting edge of your hole punch prior to use.

Please note the silhouette in the picture denotes the outline of the blade of the hole punch, not the shape it will cut.

Always treat your hole punch with care as dropping this tool or excessive contact with the cutting edge may deform, snap or dull the blade.

Please note that leather is a much softer material than card or paper therefore, while this punch may be able to cut through card or paper, it will likely dull or deform much more quickly than when used with leather, therefore we cannot guarantee this tool when used for any application other than cutting leather.

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