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Kyoshin Elle 1x5mm Leathercraft Pricking Iron Stitching Chisel Leather Nipper

Ensure that the stitching holes are correctly align on both the front and back of your leather with these pricking iron nippers, a perfect complement to your stitch punch, these nippers will make making your leathercraft sewing holes a breeze! Available in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm sizes.

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You're looking at a pair of high quality, Japanese made pricking iron nippers. An easy and efficient way to punch diamond shaped stitching holes in your leather work. No need for an awl! Can easily punch through up to four millimetres of leather.

The blade of this single prong Pricking Iron is compatible with 5mm Seiwa / Kyoshin Elle Stitching Punches and nippers, 2.5mm Craft Sha Pricking Irons, or other six holes per inch (three holes per centimetre) diamond pricking irons only. Recommended for small cases, purses and watch straps or similar applications where fine stitching is required.

Save large amounts of time with these solid pricking iron nippers compared to a standard pricking iron, and, with two sets of teeth, you can make sure your holes are perfectly aligned, both in the front and back of your leatherwork, with every punch.

No more noisy and arduous pounding with the diamond punch or pricking iron! No more runaway overstitcher wheels spoiling your leatherwork! No more uneven stitching on the reverse side! Just perfect, easy to sew holes!

Available in a variety of sizes and come with different numbers of teeth. Lacing chisel nippers also available!

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