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Michihamono Wood Carving Tool Large 30mm A-10 Heavy Duty Straight Woodcarving Socket U Gouge, with Oak Handle, to Round Edges in Woodworking

This strong tool is built for heavy duty carving. Comes with a metal hoop at the end of the handle for maximum control.

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What you see here is a heavy duty woodcarving chisel. This amazing tool features a shank and bolster forged from the same piece of high-quality tempered steel. The sharp blade's curved appearance makes this tool a fantastic choice when rounding off edges in larger projects. Use this incredibly durable tool for crescent moons or other wide channels.

This outstanding tool's strength also lies in its hard wood handle. Hold the handle comfortably with one hand and use a mallet to strike with precision. The metal ring at the end of the handle will protect your hand from the mallet's blows. The wide hoop also adds maximum control, allowing the carver to work with ease and gain flawless results. Quality made in Japan (please note there may be some play in the hoop).

Approximate measurements:

Handle length: 13cm
Entire length of tool: 23cm

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

Item ID 19974
Condition New
Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 200 g