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Michihamono Short Bent Skew Chisel 1.5mm Micro High Speed Steel Woodcarving Tool, for Fine Detail Wood Working

This 1.5mm skew chisel with a bend superfine HSS blade tackles intricate details in tight spaces. Ideal for experienced woodworkers, it boasts exceptional control & comes with a blade cap for safe storage.

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Experience the unparalleled control and precision of the Michihamono Short Bent Skew Chisel 1.5mm. This meticulously crafted tool boasts a superfine, 1.5mm high-speed steel blade with a precisely angled bend, specifically designed to conquer intricate details and hard-to-reach areas in your woodworking projects. The high-speed steel blade ensures it retains its exceptional sharpness cut after cut, maximizing efficiency and minimizing maintenance. The 180mm Sakura handle is smooth and crafted for a secure and comfortable grip.

Effortless Access: The short, meticulously bent design grants exceptional access to confined spaces, and delivers unparalleled control for delicate carving and the creation of fine lines with exceptional accuracy. Effortlessly carve fine lines, lettering, and intricate designs on curved, angled, or uneven surfaces, while accessing previously inaccessible areas and add delicate features to sculptures and reliefs with unparalleled precision.

Product Data:

  • Blade material: High Speed Steel
  • Blade width:1.5mm
  • Handle material: Sakura
  • Handle length: 180mm
  • The small size is thin and easily broken, so please handle with care.
  • Blade cap included

Keep in mind that this quality wood carving tool features an extremely fine, detailed blade that should only be handled with great caution. Please follow the guidelines below to avoid breaking or bending the blade.

  • This tool should not be struck with any object, such as a mallet when cutting wood,
  • Do not attempt to remove large amounts of wood per stroke. Trim or shave only a small amount of wood from your project at a time using multiple small strokes,
  • Do not use this tool to penetrate the wood any more than the thickness of the blade,
  • Never use the blade of this tool as a lever to remove wood,
  • Cutting strokes should be only vertical (i.e., up or down), with minimal pressure applied,
  • Horizontal shearing force, in any axis, should never be applied.

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

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