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PMC Silver Clay Jewelry Push Mold Dog Tag Identity Plate Mould

This high quality flexible silicone mould is great for any kind of metal clay, and will ensure a faithful replica every time. Easily removable from your PMC or silver clay creations once cured, this mould will give you years of use.

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This silicone pendant mold in a classic army or military dog tag style can be duplicated by using PMC products and other metal clays. This mold is perfect to create those smooth and flat surfaces in which you can personalize and engrave names, labels, and other designs.

The mold itself measures around 39mm x 21mm. Also, approximately 9 grams of metal clay are needed for this dog tag pattern or mold. 

Simply put an appropriate amount of lubricant in the mold before using it. Next, place your silver or gold clay into the mold, and wait until it dries. Then, remove and fire the finished pieces using a ceramic mini kiln or a stove top kiln (each is sold separately). Please be reminded that this mold is not suitable for molten metals, and to achieve the best outcomes, the use of Mitsubishi Materials products like PMC3, PMC+ or PMC Flex is recommended. 

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1 piece
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