Art Clay Silver 950 Clay 25g PMC Fired Silver Purity 950 Sterling Silver 90% AG CU Alloy in Clay, for making Silver Jewellery Medium Pack | Goods Japan

Art Clay Silver 950 Clay 25g PMC Fired Silver Purity 950 Sterling Silver 90% AG CU Alloy in Clay, for making Silver Jewellery Medium Pack

This affordable pack of Art Clay (25g Silver weight after sintering) it just what you need to make Sterling Silver jewellery. Create imaginative silvery clay with this product, allow to dry, then sinter in a 500C - 870C degree kiln and see your art clay creation emerge as fine Sterling Silver jewellery.

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This high quality 25g packet of Sterling Silver Art Clay 950, is an alloy so it's great for creating silver clay jewellery that is up to 60% stronger than competing types of silver. Not only is it a stronger type of silver when sintered, but also has a longer drying period, so you have more time to shape this clay to your desired shape, allowing for greater detail and care during the sculpting phase.

Make bracelets, charms, rings, and accessories, even make your own wedding band with the easy to use and soft Silver Clay. The longer drying time means it's great for beginners who need extra time to perfect their jewellery sculpture, or for professionals who wish to create more complex and sophisticated jewellery. Either way, this cal is great for hard wearing applications that can only be had with .950 purity Sterling Sliver.

To use simply portion off the amount of clay you need and fashion to the desired shape, before allowing to fully dry as per the included instructions. Once dry, place in a kiln and fire for 30 minutes at 500 degrees Celsius (932°F) until all the organic binder has been burnt away, then turn up the heat of your kiln to 870 degrees Celsius (1598°F) for a minimum of an additional 60 minutes, or until your silver clay creation has been fully sintered. No activated carbon is necessary, so you can place your dried silver clay piece directly in your kiln, however, as the Silver Clay piece will be very delicate is is strongly recommended you do not touch the item during the firing process until it has fully sintered. Please expect a shrinkage rate of 10%-13% after firing. Always follow the enclosed instructions to ensure complete and correct usage and sintering.

Product data:

  • Material: Recycled Silver Powder, Water and Organic Binder
  • Clay Shrinkage: 10% - 13%
  • Firing Temperature: 500°C for 30 minutes then 870°C for 60 minutes
  • Melting Temperature: 960°C
  • Weight of Silver: 25g
  • Made in Japan

Exercise caution when firing to prevent injury. Keep out of the reach of children.

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