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Craft Sha Leathercraft Punching Tool 5mm Small Heart Shape Leather Hole Punch

Do you want to create customized patterns in your leatherwork? Use this excellent leather hole punch, which is ideal for producing creative and unique leather designs.

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This leather punch from Craft Sha is made of quality medium carbon steel, a material that provides this tool with a sturdy build that makes it not easy to deform or break, durable, and able to provide long time service. This heart-shaped punch, along with other leather punches of various shapes and sizes (each sold separately), is ideal for various leather projects, can punch decorative holes for leather phone cases, wallets, and other leathercraft items. The shape created with this leather punching tool is well-formed, and the cutting edge is carefully designed, thin and sharp, allowing you to get neat cuts every time without leaving unwanted marks.

This decorative punch can be used on a single sheet of leather as well as the top of multi-layered leather projects. This tool is also great for pocket corners. 

Always use a soft-headed hammer to punch this tool on your leather. Never rock or twist this tool to remove from the leather, instead pull it perpendicular to the surface of the leather to avoid damaging the cutting edge. If you are having difficulties removing this leather punch, apply wax to the cutting edge.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Weight: 15g
  • Length: 83mm
  • Material: S45C Steel

Available shapes (each sold separately):

  • Drop
  • Cat Eye
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Star
  • Flower
  • Gull

Please note: The cutting edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without contacting any hard surface.

This listing is for the Craft Sha Small Heart Shaped Leather Hole Punch only. Photos showing other tools and objects are for illustrative purposes only.

Item ID 42855
Condition New
Model 8450-13
Manufacturer Craft Sha
Manufacturing country Japan
Net weight 15 g
Weight 65 g
Dimensions 83×5×0mm