Handmade Leathercraft Tool Oblong Slot Hole Punch for Leather 15mm 0.6" Size 5

Hand forged from quality steel and tempered by dedicated Japanese craftsmen, this No.5 oblong leathercraft slot punch is amongst the highest quality tools out there. Available in many sizes.

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We introduce a high-quality hand-forged and folded punch that is horned with excellent traditional Japanese knife-making techniques.

The No.5 oblong leathercraft slot punch is an exceptional tool that guarantees you straight and clean cuts that will set your leatherwork apart. You can use it on both straps and loops, and you will love having it in your leather workshop. This tool comes ready to punch holes straight away, and it is very easy to sharpen. Unlike other slot punches expect this leather tool to last for many years.

Take this slot punch and align it’s cutting edge over the areas you wish to cut and then use a jewellers mallet or a soft-headed hammer to strike it until the leather is cut.

Please note, this slot punch has a heavy tempering and advisable to store it separate from your other tools, safe from any contact with hard objects of surfaces. This tool is suitable for use on leather or similar soft materials such as rubbers and plastics. However, refrain from using it on card or paper.

Available in many sizes.

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