Michihamono Woodcarving Tool Premium Japanese Woodblock Printing 4.5mm Small Carving U Gouge, with High Speed Steel Blade, for Woodworking | Goods Japan

Michihamono Woodcarving Tool Premium Japanese Woodblock Printing 4.5mm Small Carving U Gouge, with High Speed Steel Blade, for Woodworking

This tool has a long, extendible blade that can be adjusted out from the handle after it has been worn down from sharpening far longer than competing tools. Excellent value for money.

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Apart from being an excellent tool that helps with both your woodblock carving and general wood carving needs, this Michihamono Japanese Premium Wood Carving Tool 4.5mm U Gouge has an extendible blade that can be placed further up the handle after it has been ground down by multiple sharpening, making it last more compared to similar tools. Excellent value for money.

The use of a U gouge wood carving tools has proved favourable for use in removing large amounts of wood, making flutes or channel finishing in addition to general carving. However, this being a much smaller sized gouge, you can expect to excel in helping you achieve more details and intricate wood carving designs.

When adjusting the blade, start by using pliers or a similar tool in removing the bolster from the tool’s handle and then use the hinge pin to pivot the handle’s top half until the blade and shank are fully exposed. Proceed to free the shank hook from the wood by lifting the blade and shank upwards in order to remove it from the handle. Use a whetstone to sharpen your blade before replacing it into the handle channel by either placing the hook in the hole it was unseated from or have the blade moved to a higher position in the handle after being ground down. Please ensure that you move the blade up the handle in one-centimetre increments. This helps with preventing the creation of too many anchor points, which may weaken it. After placing the blade back, ensure that you do not use any lubricant or adhesive to keep the blade in place as they might affect its functioning. The blade will be kept in place by the friction caused by handle compressing the blade. Please keep the hook safe from deformation by ensuring that you do not pile any excessive pressure from the front of the blade. If you deform your hook and can no longer hold the blade in place, consider contacting the manufacturer for a replacement. This tool should serve you even after been worn down by over twice the amount exposed when you first acquired it when you handle it with proper care and use. .

Approximate dimensions for this wood carving tool include:

  • Handle length (not including bolster): 9cm
  • Handle width (widest point): 1.5cm
  • Handle width (narrowest point): 1.0cm
  • Bolster length: 1.8cm

The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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