Art Clay Gold Paste 22k Gold Slip Glaze for Porcelain Glass Precious Metal Clay

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Art Clay Gold Paste is formulated specifically to use on glazed porcelain, glass and silver surfaces. Water soluble, Art Clay Gold Paste fires at 800 degrees centigrade and will turn into 22k gold.

Use the Art Clay Gold Paste to add 22K accents on fine silver (including Art Clay or PMC) and also glass or porcelain. The AGS bottle contains one and a half grams of pure gold powder dispersed in a non-toxic water-based binder. It can be fired on a gas hob, with torch, or a kiln.

Apply the gold paste to an already-fired silver piece. After drying, the piece is fired again to sinter the gold and bond it to the silver. It is extremely easy to use, no need to worry about hot plates, or burnishing the hot metal. Comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions.

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