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PMC3 Precious Metal Clay Silver 10g Clay Syringe Nozzle (9g Silver Weight)

PMC3 can be extruded in a string-like shape using this syringe-type silver clay. This PMC3 can be used to decorate silver clay creations, as well as to make filigree designs.

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Add details, repair, and connect silver clay pieces with this high-quality PMC3 syringe-type silver clay. This silver clay has smoother and finer composition and comes with a convenient syringe applicator, making it ready to use and easier to utilize. This PMC3 can also be embedded with jewelry findings to add more designs to your silver clay creations. PMC3 is suitable for both torch-firing and kiln-firing.

PMC3 features a faster firing time and a lower operating temperature than any other PMC. At the right temperature, it can be fired in as little as 10 minutes. This material can be shaped into a variety of forms, and it can be combined with glass, jewels, ceramics, and more.

Product Data:

  • Silver Weight: 9g
  • Clay Weight: 10.3g
  • Shrinkage: 10-15%
  • Minimum Firing Temperature and times:
    • 850 ℃ (1562°F) for 10 mins (ring firing)
    • 800°C (1472°F) for 15 mins
    • 700℃ (1292°F) for 15 mins
    • 600℃ (1112°F) for 30 mins      


  • Metal powder (90%)
  • Water and organic binder (10%)

Please note: This listing is for the 9g PMC3 Syringe Type only. The jewelry shown in the photos is for illustrative purposes only.

Item ID 43313
Condition New
Model 32147-144
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Materials
Manufacturing country Japan
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