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Art Clay Silver 20g Precious Metal Clay Silver PMC Low Fire Series

Make amazing silver creations with this packet of Art Clay Silver 20g, excellent for combining glass or porcelain with silver.

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This amazing pack of 20g silver clay is powdered clay suspended in an organic binder that, once fired as per the instructions, will sinter into a solid piece of silver, the shape of which is limited only by your imagination.

Art Clay Silver is low-fire silver clay that can be fired at 660 degrees Celsius or 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, designed for combining with glass materials, porcelain, ceramic, etc. Take advantage of low-fire Silver Clay and expand your creative repertoire.

This type of silver clay can be modelled in the same way as regular water-based clay. Once opened, it is susceptible to the air and must be kept moist in order to retain its pliability and workability. Use a container of water and a paintbrush to moisten any areas of the clay surface that begin to crack while working.

Firing is how Art Clay turns into pure silver. No matter which method you use to fire Art Clay, the process is the same: burning the organic binders off and sintering the silver particles to increase strength. In the end, you have a piece of 99.9% fine silver, just 8% to 9% smaller and with all the fine detail and shape of the pre-fired piece.

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