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Kyoshin Elle 2mm 2.3mm 3.1mm 3.5mm 4mm 4.8mm Leather Round Hole Punch Set Small, with Wrench & 6-Piece Interchangeable Blades, for Leathercraft

An excellent tool set for punching round holes in your leather, comes with punches 2mm, 2.3mm, 3.1mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, and 4.8mm in diameter.

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This multi-size hole punch set from Kyoshin Elle comes with 6-size punches with sharp edges for punching holes in your leathercraft creations. This tool features a knurled texture, providing comfort and better grip during use, and will punch precise round holes in every hit of a mallet. This set comes with a wrench to help tighten and loosen the punches and interchanging depending on your needs.

To protect the tool and your work area, place a poundo board or other similar material under your leather before punching. Simply fasten the desired punch tip to the handle, place the cutting edge on the material to be cut, then pound the handle with a soft-headed hammer or mallet until the desired hole is entirely created, alternatively a hole can be punched by pressing and twisting the handle until the blade has penetrated the leather completely. This set is also available in large size (sold separately).

The punches come in the following sizes:

  • 2mm
  • 2.3mm
  • 3.1mm
  • 3.5mm
  • 4mm
  • 4.8mm

Please note: Keep out of the reach of children. Store without contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

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