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Goods Japan offers a range of Japanese professional cleaver and professional Chef knives of the highest quality for the discerning chef that is looking for only the best. These knives are made from the highest quality molybdenum stainless steel.

We are proud to display different types of professional chef knives, for the professional home chefs that want only the best. Japan has a very rich culinary culture, and the top-rated professional cook's knives we display are suitable to be used for high precision cuts. Whether you’re making sushi or steak, our professional kitchen knives are going to give you the cleanest cuts every time.

We know that running a business is tough, so the chef must have the sharpest and most balanced knives in his or her hands. Our blades are balanced and able to be sharpened by a sharpening stone or otherwise.

We have Japanese professional knives with bladers ranging from 15cm to 24cm. The shorter knives can be used for peeling, cutting, and little odd jobs around the restaurant kitchen. The larger cook's professional knives are for carving, cleaving, and making large precision cuts. Our professional steak knives are made from stainless steel, with little to no imperfections. They are designed to last and keep giving you the performance you need, time and time again.