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Looking for quality, affordable hand tools for craft and more? Check out our lineup of quality Japanese tools includes pliers, cutting tools, stone carving tools, dyes, and more.

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Goods Japan has a wide variety of general tools, and with just a few clicks, you can purchase and have them delivered at the comfort of your home. From dyes to utility tool knives and cutting tools, you can find almost all the tools you need for your home or your handicraft hobbies. Goods Japan offers Japanese-made and hard-to-find items such as fabric dyes, carving tools, pliers and nippers, and utility knives and cutting tools which are among the best available on the market today.

With fabric dyes and chemicals, you can make handmade shirts or customized clothes using the tie-dye technique, which involves folding, twisting, and binding the cloth before dyeing with indigo. Goods Japan has a diverse collection of pliers and nippers, utility tool knives, cutting tools, and carving tools which are essential items that everyone needs in their homes, garages or those in the construction business. With these pliers, you can fold or bend wires and hold objects with ease. With nippers that work like forceps or tweezers, and with pointed tips, you can trim and pick small and delicate items effortlessly. Utility tool knives and cutting tools such as blades, shears, saws, compass cutters, and scalpels will guarantee that you cut items and surfaces with accuracy and perfection. A home tool kit will not be complete without stone carving tools like a chisel that can be used for engraving and sculpting stones, and woods.

Goods Japan has a variety of products that will make manual labor a lot easier with the help of high-quality, Japanese-made tools.