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Find for sale Silver Clay tools, kilns, packs of PMC and Art Clay, and other great Precious Metal Clay products for making your own rings & jewelry

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Goods Japan has everything you need to start a hobby or small business in jewelry making. From Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and art clay silver to kilns and jewelry starter kits, all of these are available for purchase on this site. With these art clays and jewelry tools, you can make precious and customized jewelry items such as rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other prized silver and gold pieces.

You can’t start jewelry making without art clay silver and gold such as PMC, which can be shaped and sintered using a kiln or a torch, opening a world of possibilities for your creativity. Besides PMC art clays and pastes, Goods Japan has a collection of silicone molds for jewelry. These ring molds and pendant molds are great for any kind of metal clay and will ensure a professional result of intricate designs every time. To make the perfect jewelry, you need PMC tools like thickness slats, ring mandrels, ring sizers, and bracelet mandrels for measuring accurate and precise thickness and sizes of precious metal items. The stainless-steel wire brush, on the other hand, is what you need to ensure that the jewelry looks its finest.

At Goods Japan, you can also find PMC jewelry supplies and accessories that are often hard to find and probably the best available products in the market. Not only do we have mold-making equipment, sintering pans, and activated carbon, we also offer professionally sculpted PMC rings in the blank curved ring and straight ring variants that are perfect for those who want to add a personal touch, etchings, and decorations in rings without the hassle of molding the art clay silver. When you’re into jewelry craftsmanship, one of the important items that you can invest in is the jewelry kilns like stovetop kilns and small ceramic kilns since they are essential for firing or sintering PMC and art clays.