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Leather Pricking Irons & Stitch Punches

Find premium grade Diamond Stitching Chisels and Pricking Irons from Japan, tempered for maximum strength, create sewing holes with tools that won't bend or deform.

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Made in Japan by renowned leathercraft companies Craft Sha, Kyoshin Elle, Oka, and Seiwa, these leather pricking irons and stitch punches of various sizes and prong numbers are used to punch precise and accurate stitch holes in preparation for leather sewing.

Pricking irons made by these Japanese manufacturers have highly tempered prongs, which serve a dual purpose:

First, they protect your leatherwork from uneven stitching by breaking, rather than bending, when damaged, ensuring your leatherwork is not ruined by uneven stitching brought about by an undetected bent prong. Second, they provide you extreme hard prong tips, that are longer-lasting, require less sharpening, and have a greater penetrating ability.

This dual function is extremely useful since it not only gives you exceptional stitch holes, but offers you peace of mind, knowing that you will not have a single irregular hole to ruin the leather masterpiece you've spent so much time creating.

We also have high-quality, Japanese-made pricking iron nippers that guarantee your stitching holes are aligned precisely on both the front and back of your leather. These nippers are a great compliment to your stitch punch and will make sewing holes in your leathercraft a snap. Available in various sizes.