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Affordable Knives

Find affordable Japanese knives at great prices here at Goods Japan, including kitchen and utility knives for all your cutting and kitchen needs. We also offer folding knives, steel knives, and antibacterial knives.

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Japan has long been known for producing high-quality blades. Special methods have been developed over centuries to enable smiths to create exceptionally strong, sharp, and flexible knives from the limited resources found on this island nation. Here at Goods Japan, we believe that you should be able to take advantage of Japan’s rich history of blade making without having to break the bank. This is where our affordable Japanese knives come in.

We aim to offer the best affordable kitchen knives in this collection, with a wide variety of traditional and modern styles to choose from. You can also find other Japanese knives in this collection, with options like our traditional Higonokami knives giving you the chance to use a tool that has been popular for generations in Japan.

Each of these knives comes sharp and ready to use, but you can also choose to sharpen them down the line thanks to the authentic knife-making methods used in their construction.

Goods Japan specializes in bringing Japan to your door. We offer a huge range of traditional products, from affordable Japanese knives to wood carving supplies. Authenticity is key in our product range, and this means that we only sell products that you will find in Japan, giving you access to a wealth of Japanese products.