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Eiger Tool King Japanese Wood Carving 36mm Yokote Kogatana Whittling Knife, with Wooden Handle & Stainless Steel Blade, for Woodworking

This Japanese Yokote Kogatana wood whittling knife is great for cutting, whittling, or even removing excess materials in your wood carving project.

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This Japanese Yokote Kogatana wood whittling knife, from Eiger Tool King, is great for cutting, whittling, or removing excess materials from your wood carving project. The blade is 36mm in length made out of high-quality tempered, stainless steel. Both handle and sheath are made from Octagonal Magnolia Wood, providing a comfortable and reliable grip compared to round handled knives. Great for beginners and professionals alike. 

Approximate Dimension

  • Blade length : 36mm
  • Total length with handle : 185mm
  • Blade material : Stainless steel
  • Handle material : Octagonal Magnolia Wood Handle

To use Eiger Japanese 36mm Yokote Kogatana Woodcarving Whittling Knife Octagonal Handle, simply pull apart to remove handle. Please note, there is no locking mechanism, this knife relies on friction and close tolerances to hold the sheath to the blade. Holding the wood you wish to carve with your suitably protected left hand, grip the handle of the knife with your right hand and make incisions in the wood in a motion that cuts away from you. To store, clean the blade and replace fully into the sheath. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Manufacturer Eiger Tool King
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 94 g
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