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Michihamono Small 3mm Japanese Woodworking Short Bent Flat Wood Carving Chisel

Carve to your heart's content with this premium wood carving chisel. The blade is accompanied by a long handle, making the tool easy to hold.

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This professional woodcarving tool is a crucial addition to any carpenter's collection. The long, wooden handle is light and easy to hold, providing a nice grip. This makes carving a more comfortable experience. The sharp blade is made from high quality tempered steel, allowing the chisel to be durable.

This chisel is a shortbent chisel, and the slight spoon shape it offers makes it idea for carving deep into the wood. Useful for adding backgrounds to relief carvings or even adding more dimensions to a piece. This tool is also an excellent choice for accessing hard to reach places.

Great value for money. Quality made in Japan.

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

Please keep in mind that this quality wood carving tool features an extremely fine, detailed blade that should only be handled with great caution. Please follow the guidelines below to avoid breaking or bending the blade.

  • This tool should not be struck with any object, such as a mallet when cutting wood,
  • Do not attempt to remove large amounts of wood per stroke. Trim or shave only a small amount of wood from your project at a time using multiple small strokes,
  • Do not use this tool to penetrate the wood any more than the thickness of the blade,
  • Never use the blade of this tool as a lever to remove wood,
  • Cutting strokes should be only vertical (i.e., up or down), with minimal pressure applied,
  • Horizontal shearing force, in any axis, should never be applied.

Item ID 19603
Condition New
Model 20110300
Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 60 g