Michihamono Modelage Fluteroni Gouge Wood carving Tool Heriagari Knife 3mm

This Fluteroni wood carving tool is also great for models as well and is perfect for carving small, intricate details.

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This excellent, precision 3mm Fluteroni Gouge is great not only for wood carving, but works for plastic model builders as well. Guaranteed to be delivered to you sharp and ready to use, this awesome wood carving and modelling tool is made in Japan from quality stainless steel with a polished hardwood handle.

Fluteroni wood carving tools have three beveled edges, with each corner curved giving a rounded cut, unlike the macaroni tool that has squarer corners, this makes the fluteroni a compromise between the square edge of the macaroni tool, and the rounded cut of a normal wood carving gouge.

Use this tool for carving flat channels in wood, create a step in your wood with a rounded radius, or shape your plastic model to your imagination's desire.


  • Width of blade floor: 3mm
  • Overall width of blade: 5mm

As with all wood carving tool, this tool is sharp and should be kept out of the reach of children. Store in a dry place without its blade contacting hard service.

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