We have plastic models kits of all kinds are available for sale here, available in all scales and kinds from reputable Japanese manufacturers and are available as model car kits, model airplane kits and more!

  • Aoshima 04678 Initial D T Fujiwara Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 Vol 37 1/24 Kit
  • Aoshima 11560 Initial D Mazda FC3S RX-7 Ryosuke Hakone Final Ver 1/24 Model Car
  • Aoshima 41277 1/24 Knight Rider Season 1 KITT Knight Industries Two Thousand Kit
  • Aoshima 41307 1/24 Knight Rider Season 4 KITT Knight Industries Two Thousand Kit
  • Aoshima 43554 1/24 Knight Rider Season 4 KITT SPM Knight Industries Two Thousand
  • Hasegawa CW07 64507 Last Exile Silver Wing Vanship/Vespa Plastic Scale Model Kit
  • Hasegawa JT47 09147 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 1/48 Plastic Aircraft Scale Model Kit
  • Hasegawa JT49 09149 Aichi B7A2 Attack Bomber Ryusei Kai (Grace) 1/48 Model Kit
  • Hasegawa JT55 09055 Aichi D3A1 Type 99 Carrier Val Model 11 1/48 Model Scale Kit
  • Hasegawa JT56 09056 Aichi D3A1 Type 99 Model 11 Midway Island 1/48 Scale Kit
  • Hasegawa JT76 Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 Bomber (Kate) Model 3 1/48 Scale Model Kit
  • Hasegawa PT1 SH-3H Sea King US Navy Anti-Submarine Helicopter 1/48 Model Kit
  • Hasegawa PT29 07229 JASDF Support Fighter Mitsubishi F-2B 1/48 Plastic Model Kit
  • Hasegawa PT30 07230 RF-4E Phantom II JASDF Reconnaissance 1/48 Plastic Model Kit
  • Hasegawa PT33 07233 A-4M Skyhawk US Marine Corps 1/48 Plastic Scale Model Kit
  • Hasegawa ST13 08063 Douglas A-4E/F Skyhawk US Navy 1/32 Plastic Scale Model Kit
  • Hasegawa ST27 08077 US Army Air Force Fighter P-47D Thunderbolt 1/32 Model Kit
  • Hasegawa ST28 08078 Kawasaki Ki 61-I Hei Hien Tony 1/32 Plastic Scale Model Kit
  • Hasegawa ST4 08054 A6M5c Mitsubishi Zero Fighter Type 52 1/32 Plastic Model Kit
  • Hasegawa TH13 60123 T-4 Blue Impulse Eggplane Fighter Series Aircraft Model Kit
  • Hasegawa TH23 60133 Hughes 500 Eggplane Fighter Series Helicopter Model Kit
  • Hasegawa TH27 60137 F-2 Fighter Eggplane Series Aircraft Plastic Scale Model Kit
  • Hasegawa TH4 60104 F/A-18 Hornet Eggplane Fighter Series Aircraft Scale Model Kit
  • Goods Japan sells a range of plastic models made by Japan’s finest model kit manufacturers. Our plastic model kits are selected for high quality for discerning hobbyists around the world. The model kits we sell depict various subjects, with mostly military and civilian vehicles, such as ships, model cars and model planes, but we also offer science fiction models, anime, space models and other hard to find plastic model kits.

    Being a niche shop, we try to find collectables and hard to find models as well, such as robots (especially the Gundam series), actual spacecraft, as well as buildings, figurines, and more.

    Our model kit varies in difficulty, from simple beginner models that assemble in a snap, but most are intricate and highly detailed scale models that expert model builds are looking for, usually in the large scale that requires paints, and cements. Sadly we are unable to offer these accessories as they are considered dangerous goods by the post office and cannot be mailed, however, we offer special tools for models to ensure best results.