Craft Sha Leathercraft Smooth Veiner Leather & PMC Stamp 8mm x 2mm V745

This quality, chrome plated stamp is intricately designed and quality made in Japan. Every stamp comes complete with integral, full length handle and is perfect for stamping tooling leather or wet Silver Clay (PMC).

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If you believe that cheap is the way to go, we give you the Leathercraft 8mm x 2mm stamping tool.

This inexpensive craft tool will be instrumental in achieving your custom stamping designs on both leather and silver clay. This leather stamp comes built with a conventional design and has an integral handle.

For use on leather: begin by ensuring your leather is cased with water using a high-density foam sponge and let it absorb for a few seconds. Place the stamp on the vegetable-tanned leather then strike it firmly using a soft-headed hammer.

For silver clay: start by oiling the leather stamp before pressing it on the wet PMC.

Please note: Most of our leather stamping tools are not available through other vendors. The titles and dimensions of the stamping tools might appear similar but do have subtle differences in aspects such as shape. Use the provided pictures to differentiate the stamps, The chrome stamp(s) serve an illustrative purpose only. The sizes included in the titles have been rounded off to the nearest millimetre.

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