Craft Sha Powdered Marble and Streak Dyeing Gel Faux Finish Marbling Gel

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Getting a marbled look just became easier and prettier with Craft Sha. Use the Powdered Marble and Streak Dyeing Gel solution, together with your leather coloured dye, to create one of a kind works of art.

With the Craft Sha Powdered Marble and Streak Dyeing Gel, you will always get great results! Simply mix the two packets of powder with a little water to create small clumps. Gradually add a litre of cold water and let it sit for 24 hours to dissolve powder fully. Pour it in a tray; and spread drops of water based leather dye across the top of the gel. Use one colour of paint to give a beautiful contrast between the dye and shade of your leather; or have some more colours to help create a distinct marble look.

Please note that this product only includes the powder mixture to make the marbling gel. Water-based coloured leather dyes are sold separately.

The Craft Sha Powdered Marble and Streak Dyeing Gel could help you produce patterns on your leatherwork similar to smooth marble with your choice of colour, design, match and combination. Never miss this! It's an absolute must-haves for your leather craft projects.

Made in Japan

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