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Automach Hand Craft HCT-30S Electric Carver Dremel & Power Wood Carving Tool

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This superb Automach Power Carver tool and dremel rotary tool will cut through wood 3-5 times faster than your average woodcarving tool while using only one-third of the force. Automach electronic woodcarvers allow for a variety of chisel sizes and shapes. This amazing kit also comes with 10 different rotary cutters to choose from, allowing for smooth cuts however you'd like them. The light and easy-to-hold body is made from heat-conductive aluminium, which protects the small but powerful motor. The motor operates at 12,000rpm, allowing for fast, continuous carving into the hardwood. This professional machine also features a free-floating mechanism. This means the cutter reciprocates only when making contact with the wood, thus making it safe and easy to use. Disclaimer: There are two different types of voltages to choose from: 110v~120v and 220v~240v. Please understand that we cannot accept responsibility or damages from having chosen the wrong voltage.

Please double-check your region's voltage system before purchasing.

This amazing tool consists of the following parts:

• Body (size estimated at 228mm x 44mm, weighing approximately 800g or 2lbs)
• Reciprocation Head
• 12mm Wrench
• Hanger
• Rotary Head
• Chuck Key
• 10 Rotary Cutters and Abrasives
• Cutter Holder
• Stop Bars This starter set also comes with five accessory blades, each 30mm in length:
• 6mm Round Chisel
• 12mm Round Chisel
• 6mm U-Gouge Chisel
• 6mm Flat Chisel
• 10mm 90° V-Gouge Chisel

Please note that only Automach accessory blades are guaranteed to be compatible with this electronic wood carving tool. Other accessories are not guaranteed to work. Additional high-quality accessory blades can be found at our store. Made with the utmost quality in Japan.

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1 piece
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