Craft Sha Leathercraft Wax Polish Cream High Gloss Finish Leather Balm 120ml

This professional grade wax polish will give your leather an outstanding finish that is almost as hard wearing as a lacquer, apply and polish after a few hours to give your leather a magnificent sheen.

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You're looking at a high quality wax leather treatment that will leave a durable wax finish on your leather. Excellent for polishing pre-treated leather for a brilliant sheen, or giving untreated leather a durable wax finish that will protect your leather better than other wax treatments.

This treatment will not penetrate beyond the grain ensuring the corium is untouched, leaving your leather's rigidity unaffected. Therefore this wax treatment is suitable for harder leather, such as handbags, wallets, certain jackets, etc. Not suitable for suede or similar leather types.

Simply shake well and apply to your leather with a soft cloth and leave for 2~3 hours before buffing off for best results.

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