Leathercraft Knife Sharpener Leather Blade Strop with Jewellers Rouge

This quality strop comes with two grains of leather; flesh and grain sides for all you stropping needs, comes with a sizable chunk of jewellers rouge, best when used with sharpening oil.

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You're looking at a high quality strop for leather craft utility knifes and swivel knives, but is perfectly suitable for any other kind of knife.

This strop measures 14.5cm x 4cm and comes with two sides; a smooth grain leather strop and a rougher flesh side strop, affixed to a wooden paddle both measuring 1cm thick and is 27.5cm long.

Also included is a sizeable block of jewellers rouge. Make sure your swivel knife blade is kept in top notch shape with this Japanese made strop. Why risk your artwork when you can guarantee its great looks with just a few seconds on this strop? Best when used with sharpening oil.

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