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Michihamono Modeledge Maruken Pointed Wood Carving Whittling Sculpting Scraper Round Tip Model Knife 9mm, for Plastic & Resin Cutting

This high quality, Japanese wood carving knife is not only great of whittling, but also carving intricate shapes or holes with the rounded tip.

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With the help of the Michihamono Japanese Cherry High Modeladge Symmetrical round Tip Model Knife 6 mm, you can easily cut away shapes of your choice with expert precision. Excellent for shaving the rough edges of figurine and scrapping resin or plastics, with the rounded pointed tip perfect for carving cavities or holes in your wood work creation. 

The tool features a high-quality, high-speed steel blade that measures six millimetres across, ensuring that it provides you with a uniform cut across any space.

The blade's high-speed steel composition makes it more resilient and durable than many others, helping it to go longer without needing to sharpen it. It rests atop a gorgeous Cherry wood handle crafted by Japanese artisans.

Product details:

  • Dimensions: 6 mm
  • Type: Modeladge Shallow U-Gouge Model Knife Japanese Wood Carving Tool Handle: Cherry wood
  • Blade: High Speed Steel

Disclaimer: The blade on this tool is extra sharp, so exercise caution when you use it as not to cause injury. Its sharpness will last for longer if you do not use it against hard surfaces or accidentally drop it. When you need to store the tool, do so with the blade oiled. When you need to sharpen it, do so with a whet stone or oil stone especially made for woodworking.

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Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
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