Seiwa Cova Super Coat Clear 30g Professional Leathercraft Edge Enamel Leather Edge Finish Color Dye, for Coating Edges in Leatherworking | Goods Japan

Seiwa Cova Super Coat Clear 30g Professional Leathercraft Edge Enamel Leather Edge Finish Color Dye, for Coating Edges in Leatherworking

Ensure the edges of your leather are protected with this leathercraft edge enamel dressing. Dries hard, so it's perfect for pockets and wallets, works on chrome and vegetable tanned leather. Comes in a variety of colours, including clear, white, black, Maroon, red, pink, brown, dark brown, orange, yellow, sky blue, navy blue, violet and green.

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You're looking at a 30 gram bottle of edge sealant for both chrome (mineral) tanned leather and vegetable tanned leather. This high quality enamel is excellent to coat the trimmed edges of your leatherwork giving it a shine that you just can't get from burnishing while offering maximum protection and durability.

It's best used where there will be a minimum of flexing, such as the edges of wallets or briefcase pockets, handles or cases.

Simply burnish and treat you leather to its final state, then clean all wax or grime from your leatherwork using a mild bleach or oxalic acid (1 teaspoon per pint of water), allow to dry, then using a pin or fine brush coat the edges, burnish when tack free and allow to dry. Best if applied as a single coat. For repairing factory made leather, simply scratch off or otherwise remove any existing edge lacquer from the edge of your leather and wipe clean before applying Edge Enamel. In both instances, it is recommended to place masking tape over the surrounding areas to prevent the enamel from going on undesired areas of your leather. Make certain to remove any masking tape while the enamel is still wet to prevent cracking.

Shake well before use.

you'll only need a small amount each time, so this bottle should last through many leather projects. Available in many colours including Violet, Maroon, Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Orange, Ultra Marine (Dark Blue), White, Red, Clear, Yellow, Sky Blue and Viridian (Green). Collect them all today!

Please note all our edge dyes and enamels are designed for vegetable tanned leather, basically if you leather can absorb the dye or enamel then it should work, but if your leather is sealed and does not absorb the dye or enamel then it may peel off over time. It may be possible to roughen the edge of your leather with an Emory board or sandpaper, exposing the grain or absorbent surface, then applying the edge dye. However, as we cannot guarantee this method will work in all cases, please take precautions to ensure your leatherwork will not be damaged and always test this method on a disposable item first to see if it will yield the results desired before progressing onto your actual project.

This product is not suitable for leather repair, or to otherwise improve the cosmetic appearance of damaged leather.

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