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Takagi 3 Piece Set Regular Flat Beveled Woodworking Chrome Vanadium Steel Chisel 9mm, 15mm, & 24mm, for Woodworking

With a durable handle and beveled blades intended to cut wood, this set of three flat beveled chisels is suitable for finishing and carving wood.

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This excellent Takagi set of three flat chisels is great for your woodworking needs. Each chisel has a metal plate located in the base of the handle allowing you to strike it with a hammer.

Made from chrome vanadium, a one-of-a-kind steel produced by combining multiple alloys, is used to make the blades. Because of its physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, chrome vanadium is a great steel for woodcarving because it is structurally robust and durable, allowing it to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It also has a polypropylene handle, which is a long-lasting material that won't rust or react with water, most acids, detergents, or non-oxidizing organic compounds.

These set of tools are great for carving general wood to laminated lumber, and woodworking such as grooving, finishing, chamfering, and carving wood. The thermoplastic polymer handle can withstand hammer blows, great for removing larger chunks of wood.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Overall length: 245mm
  • Handle length: 105mm
  • Blade Width: 9mm, 15mm, 24mm
  • Blade Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene

Please note: Keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

Item ID 42723
Condition New
Manufacturer Takagi
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 701 g