Seiwa Leather Craft Sewing Kit, Pricking Iron Awl Thread & Needle Stitching Set

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Great value! Cheaper than buying each item individually!

You're looking at a complete leathercraft sewing kit with everything you need to get started making professional looking leather goods without spending hundreds of dollars on tools you'll never use.

This complete and affordable kit includes:

  • Poundo board,
  • Two pricking irons (stitch punches 2x5mm and 4x5mm),
  • awl,
  • High quality thread,
  • Leather glue,
  • Needles
  • Japanese instructions that are easy to follow without understanding Japanese.

Great for making wallets, purses, straps and more! The possibilities are endless.

An excellent introduction to the art of hand sewing leather at an excellent price.

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