Craft Sha Max Strength Leathercraft Hardener to Stiffen & Firm Leather 120ml

This high strength water based leather stiffener is excellent for ensuring your leather holds its shape far better than wet moulding will, great for making masks, models, holsters or strengthening leathercraft designs.

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You're looking at 120ml (4 fluid ounces) of Craft Sha Leather hardener. This high quality compound is designed to make your leatherwork firm and hold its shape after creasing or wet moulding.

Perfect for masks, flowers, holsters, cases and more! Designed for maximum strength hardening, this product will leave an antique finish on your leather the same colour as the solution in the bottle, may stain your leather if applied excessively.

Simply brush onto your leatherwork after it has dried after shaping and dyeing but before treating with lacquer. Shake well before use.

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