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Forever Cera CE18WB Fine Ceramic General Purpose Kitchen Knife Cutting Tool 18cm

This long bladed knife is made with the same quality and care as our other ceramic knives but can reach further where other blades can't. Make short work of large items, like turkey, watermelon and other difficult to cut items with the same delicateness inherent with this tried and tested design.

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You are looking at one of the finest ceramic knives on the market today with a 18cm (7.1) blade. Great for large items such as fish, pies, cabbage and lettuce.

This Cerafine knife is made by Forever, a leading brand whose dedicated craftsmen make some of the best blades money can buy.

Scientifically proven to be one of the sharpest available today and, unlike other brands, is made in Japan to the highest standards of quality. Used for general purposes around the kitchen, this knife is quite happy cutting through bread, lettuce, fish, steak or chicken.

In addition to being hygienic, anti-allergic, lightweight and resistant to acids, Cera Forever ceramic knives also cut better and stay sharper for a much longer period than any other kind of kitchen knife in the world. In independently conducted cutting edge retention testing, Cera Forever ceramic knives far outperformed steel, stainless steel and other ceramic knives.

Q. Why do Cera Forever ceramic knives outperform other ceramic knives in cutting edge retention testing? Aren’t all ceramic knives the same?
A. Not all ceramic knives are the same. There are many differences in raw materials and manufacturing methods and that leads to finished products of greatly differing quality, as can be seen in cutting edge retention test results. Cera Forever’s high density ceramic knives are 100% manufactured in Japan using Japanese raw materials and Forever's unique manufacturing method.

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