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Craft Sha Leathercraft Punching Cutting Tool Small 11mm Round Leather Corner Cutter Strap End Punch, to Cut & Trim Corners in Leatherworking

This tool has been hand made and is great for rounding the corners of your leathercraft or as a strap end punch.

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This hand crafted, high carbon steel tool is excellent to round the corners of your leather quickly and easily, giving your leathercraft a handsome and clean look. Also great as a strap end punch. The arc of the blade is approximately 11mm wide and 4mm deep, as with all hand made tools these measurements may vary slightly.

Hand forged and polished, this highly tempered tool will give you many years of service, however, as is the case with hand crafted tools, it may require sharpening before use. As with all tempered edges, the blade can be strong yet brittle, therefore please ensure the tool is stored away from hard implements or surfaces, avoids sudden impacts and is kept oiled and dry when not in use.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Item ID 20543
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Manufacturer Craft Sha
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 90 g