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Seiwa Professional Leather Care 2-in-1 Formula 250ml 8.5oz Leathercraft Saddle Soap & Leather Conditioner, for Cleaning Leatherwork

Clean your leather goods with this 2-in-1 saddle soap and conditioner, great for any kind of leather including jackets, belts, gloves and leathercraft. Exceptional quality from Japan.

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You're looking at 250ml (8.5 fluid ounces) of leather soap and conditioner, two in one formula.

This 2-in-1 product is perfect for removing dirt, dust and grime from your leather wear or bridal goods. It also conditions and nourishes your leather, leaving a protective layer that will ensure the longevity of your leather product.

Simply apply the saddle soap with a soft lint free cloth to your leather and then wipe off. Please do not use this product with suede or other nap raising leather. Shake bottle well before use.

Item ID 20704
Condition New
Manufacturer Seiwa
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 280 g