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Seiwa Leathercraft Light Leather Balm Wax Treatment & Conditioner 90g

Bring the brittle dry surface of your leather back to life with this light wax balm, similar to mink oil, but designed not to penetrate as deeply so as to preserve the fibres beneath the grain, Great for all types of leather (except suede). Please note, as with all leather oils and waxes, this product may permanently darken your leather.

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You're looking at a 90g jar of light leather wax. This leather conditioner has similar properties to mink oil, but not as penetrating, thereby nourishing the leather's grain while avoiding saturating the corium that can potentially damage your leather.

Simply rub into your leather with your fingers or a soft, lint free cloth. Use sparingly.

This wax balm is great for nourishing the grain of your leather, but will not penetrate deeply into the corium, reducing the impact on the rigidity of your leather. This wax balm is suitable for all types of leather goods, but is excellent for thin leather such as watch straps, book covers, wallets, etc. Please note that the application of this balm to your leather, like all balms, may permanently darken it, especially if your leather is a lighter coloured leather.

Not suitable for suede or similar leather types.

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