PMC3 Silver Art Clay Thin Styling Paste 18.6g PMC Jar

This tub of PMC3 thin paste is great for fashioning your more intricate and delicate designs or repairing broken dried silver clay, like all PMC3 this product only experienced 12% shrinkage after sintering.

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You're looking at an 18.6 gram jar of PMC3 thin paste, excellent for fashioning your more intricate and delicate designs with only 12% shrinkage. Silver clay is pure silver suspended in a clay binder, when heated under flame the clay is simply burnt away, leaving pure silver in the shape it was moulded in prior to firing. Limiting your creation only by your imagination.

Simply paint onto your PMC creations with a fine brush or stylus, this thin, highly liquid formula will go on like artist paint.

Perfect for creating a textured surface, cementing in stones, repairing broken PMC or creating a raised pattern or characters

No Precious Metal Clay workshop is complete without this! Comes in an air-tight resealable container. Detailed English instructions in the pack.

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