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PMC Flex Mini Pot Starter Kit Precious Metal Silver Clay Tools Set, with Instruction Manual, for Ring & Jewelry Making

This great PMC Flex kit comes complete with all you need to start making silver clay jewellery. Comes with kiln, tools, Japanese instructions, silver clay, DVD and more, all quality made in Japan.

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You're looking at a brand new PMC Flex Silver Mini Pot Starter Kit that has all you need to make full size silver jewellery pendants and rings in the kiln with PMC Flex.

Make your own wedding or engagement ring!

PMC Flex uses a special organic binder that has amazing properties making this silver clay more flexible and pliable than other types. Less brittle and possessing more plasticity, allowing it to be moulded like no other, PMC Flex also retains moisture longer than other PMC types, reducing the chance of your clay cracking or crumbling while moulding. PMC Flex can be sintered with a butane torch or other low heat methods. Additionally PMC Flex can retain a degree of flexibility after being dried, reducing the chance of breakage.

This incredible kit comes complete with illustrated instructions, 5.6g of PMC Flex silver clay, heat proof mat, lint free cloth, stylus, tweezers, finger measurer, liver of sulphur, polishing brushes, abrasive polishers, grating, PMC Flex drying assembly with candle and standard kiln with fuel tablet!

This kit can be used over and over again to make jewellery for fun, profit or that special someone. Make your own engagement or wedding ring! Please note that while the instructions are in Japanese, the pictorial instructions are easy to follow for the non-Japanese speaker.

An alternative to the fuel tablets would be 30 grams of gelled alcohol fuel, such a Sterno or similar brand, placed in a heat proof container of similar dimensions to the foil containing the fuel tablet that comes with your kit. Should you use this method please ensure that the vessel you use to contain the gelled alcohol fuel can withstand the stresses of firing before using. Standard alcohol may be used instead of gelled alcohol fuel, however, in both cases, please ensure all care is taken to prevent spillage as this may constitute a fire hazard. Please note that this method is for informational purposes only, we cannot make any guarantees of any kind should you use this method.

Waxed alcohol Fuel Tablets sold separately. Please be certain to exercise caution and follow all safety instructions as misuse can cause a fire hazard, use in a well ventilated area. Not suitable for children. PMC3, PMC+ and PMC Flex are recommended for the kiln in this listing. A second firing session is recommended for large pieces, or to ensure the sintering of items that may not have been fully sintered during the initial firing session.

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