Seiwa Leathercraft Punching Tool No. 5 Round Leather Hole Punch 1.5mm 0 1/16" | Goods Japan

Seiwa Japanese Leathercraft No. 5 Leather Punch Professional Steel Round Drive Punching Tool 1.5mm, to Cut Round Holes in Leatherwork

This Seiwa leather hole punch is the best tool for drilling perfectly round 1.5mm holes for making holes in a belt, mounting eyelets, crimps, & hooks for your leathercrafts.

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This Seiwa Leather Hole Punch Tool is great for cutting precise, round holes to your leather work.

Perfect for punching holes for buckle prongs, decorative holes, or even fine holes for leather watch straps. Vent holes in bags, lacing holes, preparatory holes for brass eyelets, guide holes for slots. Polished and sharpened perfectly to slice through your leather, leaving clean, even holes. These hole punches are delivered sharp and perfectly round, and, with proper care, will last many years.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Hole Size - 1.5mm

To use this Round Drive Punch, simply mark the place you wish to punch through your leather and inspect the hole punch for sharpness and any obstruction in the punch hole. Place your leather on a firm, yet pliable cutting board of suitable thickness and hold flat as necessary. Next, position your selected leather hole punch over the area you wish to cut, ensuring it will cut the desired area to the desired size. Hold the hole punch 90 degrees to the flat side of your leather and firmly, yet carefully, twist the blade into the leather to seat the blade before striking the top with a soft headed hammer directly downwards firmly and repeatedly until the leather is fully penetrated.

Please note: Store without contacting any hard surface. Keep out of reach of children.

Disclaimer: This listing is for Round Drive Punching Tool No. 5 (1.5mm) only. Other materials included in the picture is for presentation purposes only.

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