Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Kit Leather Awl Pricking Iron Stitching Punch Set L

Get these indispensible leathercraft tools for less when you buy the combine pack. Excellent for sewing large leather items made of thick leather.

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Great Value! Cheaper than buying each item individually!

This kit contains a large sized Kyoshin Elle Awl (guaranteed to be sharp straight out of the packaging) and two 5mm (5.08 holes per inch) Pricking Irons, one with two prongs and the other with four prong. Excellent for most mid to large size stitching, such as full sized wallets, bags or brief cases. These perfectly matched tools are an excellent combination.

Great for those just starting or for those who wish to upgrade to a pair of some of the highest quality tools out there.

An excellent set of quality tools at an excellent price.

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