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Michihamono 4.5mm Japanese Wood Carving Tool 45 Degree V Gouge Parting Chisel, with Wooden Handle, to Carve Channels in Woodworking

This 45° V Gouge Chisel is the perfect tool for making separations on areas of the wood when creating outlines and adding very fine details to the wood.

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This outstanding V gouge 45° parting tool comes from Michihamono, a brand known for its quality products. This woodcarving tool's handle is made from a durable cypress wood which makes it not only smooth and comfortable, but water and rot resistant. The blade edge is made from Japanese Blue Paper Steel (Aogami) No.2, ensuring a long lasting sharpness, and fine, effortless cuts in your woodcarving project. Expert artisans from Michihamono make sure every blade they make is sharp right out of the packaging.

This V gouge parting tool works better for creating a much deeper and tighter channel on wood carvings. A perfect tool for making separations on areas of the wood when outlining and adding fine details. This tool can also be used for texturing and undercutting purposes.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Blade Material: Blue Paper Steel (Aogami) No.2
  • Blade Width: 4.5mm
  • Handle Material: Japanese Cypress Wood
  • Handle Length: 180mm

To use this V Gouge Parting Tool, create guidelines on the wood to make it easier to carve outlines using this tool. Hold the tool firmly in the correct way depending on your needs. Align the cutting edge of the parting tool on the guidelines created. The tip of the V Gouge is where the cut should start. Push the tool forward with one hand and control the direction where it should go using the other hand. The more pressure added to the tool, the deeper the cuts it will create.

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of reach of children. 

Photos with background grids are measured in millimetres, with each square representing one square millimetre.

Item ID 21211
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Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
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