Mikisyo Power Grip Wood Carving Parting Tool 60 Degree V Gouge 4.5mm Knife

Carve wood or PMC clay with ease using this ergonomically shaped flat chisel tool. Available with various types of cutting blades.

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No need to cause yourself any more discomfort while carving wood or PMC clay when you have this Power Grip 60 degree V tool to diminish your efforts. This top-notch tool is made in Japan and holds a clear silicone cap. This tool holds well-designed blades of laminated steel, which makes it the right tool for carving. This laminated steel also enhances the longevity of the tool, so you don't need to spend hefty amounts on replacing tools time and time again. This 14.5 cm long tool with a 3cm blade is the right choice to make your work effortless. The handle measures between 10mm and 19mm. This measure provides you with a precise control for the perfect wood carving.

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